Rep. Eddie Holguin Jr. is a Candidate for El Paso County Judge. He will fight to keep your taxes low and fight for the taxpayer. Taxpayers First. Honest Leadership Fiscal Responsibility.City Rep. Eddie Holguin, Jr. is a life-long resident of the Mission Valley. Rep. Holguin was first elected to represent District #6 in 2005, and was re-elected in 2007 and again in 2011. Since being elected to office, Rep. Holguin has renovated, remodeled, and established more parks and open spaces than during any other time in the district’s history. Rep. Holguin has also made it a priority to ensure that all of the senior centers, libraries and community centers in his district have been remodeled and updated. Rep. Holguin has also established numerous new soccer fields, skate parks and other amenities geared specifically towards young people within his district. Rep. Holguin was also instrumental in the creation of the Sun Metro Mission Valley Transit Terminal, which provides public transportation services to thousands of Mission Valley residents each day, as well as the paving and re-paving of streets in his district that had been neglected for decades and were virtually unusable by district residents.
Rep. Holguin is also a small-business owner and he strongly believes that micro-businesses are the backbone of the economy. Rep. Holguin’s business background has been instrumental in the development of his fiscally responsible economic policies, whereby he believes that government should be forced to only spend within its means, and not simply turn to the taxpayer whenever additional revenue needs to be raised. While in office, Rep. Holguin has been a strong advocate for tax relief for the elderly and disabled, and has always been a strong community grass-roots advocate, giving voice to those unfamiliar with the political process. He is currently running for County Judge in El Paso, Texas. Tax Payer’s First